The Story of ORA


The ORA story is a story of life and the individual path everyone takes. Kiwi Co-founders Liam Messam et Teddy Stanaway’s professional rugby careers have taken them on a unique journey around the globe. Living abroad and competing internationally allowed them to explore a wealth of diversity, through a lens of Māori values. The unique experience has allowed them to identify the importance of self empowerment and pragmatic systems that can be used to access your full potential.

Liam and Teddy have developed a preference for natural alternative options when relieving physical pain and mental challenges faced in high pressure environments and life in general. This view was formed from personal experience while playing a high impact, high pressure sport. A view strengthened by seeing the detrimental effect that conventional pain relief and mental health medication was having on close friends and family.

Their need for safe natural alternative options led them to seek the help of French native and also a co-founder of ORA, Jérémy. His vast experience in natural health product formulation has brought to life this concept. Jeremy unifies ORA’s New Zealand and French connection and shares the ORA vision and encompasses its values of humility, personal strength and respect for the land and all the cultures that walk it.

The constant mental and physical strain experienced from high pressure environments in professional sport can be overwhelming.

This emphasised the need for strong systems to consistently excel. Crucial natural products like CBD oil were introduced into their daily routine to help relieve pressure. Experiencing huge advantages in their ability to recover faster, increase mental balance and overall well-being. These were significant results that required minimal effort. The immediate reaction was to share this knowledge with family and friends to potentially help them overcome their own challenges.


“Why stop there?”  

So they decided to create a community driven platform. Dedicated to sharing safe, alternative natural products for optimal health and educating people on their benefits. The Ora community platform will also actively share inspiring stories of people striving to fulfill their potential. Most importantly sharing how they were able to achieve seemingly unachievable tasks, detailing their systems and methods to help others overcome their challenges. Ora will align with meaningful causes that encourage unity, positive growth and will innovate to create opportunities for the ORA community internationally.

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