CBD & Melatonin | Softgel – 0% THC


CBD & Melatonin | Softgel – 0% THC

Batch tested for 0% THC
Third Party Laboratory Tested
Rich in Phytocannabinoides
8mm | 13mm | 0,66g

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Produced in a leading European laboratory, ORA softgels utilize a patented pending formulation that increases the bioavailability of your product.

CBD combined with Melatonin is for those seeking a strong assistance with sleep while also benefiting from the effects of CBD.

Ideal for daily use of adults of all sizes and physical daily obligations.

Additional content

25mg – CBD | THC free
1mg melatonin
Size – 8mm | 13mm | 0,66g
Quantity – 30 softgels
Recommended daily dose – 1 per day
Total CBD per container – 750mg

How to use ORA SOFTGEL ?

We recommend swallowing 1-2 capsules with water. Our patent pending capsules are a great alternative to CBD oils to experience the benefits of CBD. They can be used in unison with ORA CBD oils and also contain 0% THC.

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