CBD & Curcumin | Softgel – 0% THC


CBD & Curcumin | Softgel – 0% THC

Batch tested for 0% THC
Third Party Laboratory Tested
Organic Hemp extract
Rich in Phytocannabinoides and Terpenes.
8mm | 13mm | 0,66g

Produced in a leading European laboratory, ORA softgels utilize a patented pending formulation that increases the bioavailability of your product.

CBD combined with Curcumin, an extract of turmeric is for those seeking either an alternative option to the CBD oil form or an added boost to their health supplementation. The combination of Turmeric and CBD acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant taking advantage of the huge health benefits both offer.

Ideal for daily use for adults of all sizes and physical daily obligations.
Swallow one softgel with water 1 hour before sleep.

Additional content

25mg – CBD | THC free
10mg Curcumin
Size – 8mm | 13mm | 0,66g
Quantity – 30 softgels
Recommended daily dose – 1 per day
Total CBD per container – 750mg

How to use ORA SOFTGEL ?

We recommend swallowing 1-2 capsules with water. Our patent pending capsules are a great alternative to CBD oils to experience the benefits of CBD. They can be used in unison with ORA CBD oils and also contain 0% THC.

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