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To provide the best CBD available in France we have prioritised quality over profit margins. All our ingredients and products are carefully selected to provide the highest quality CBD options for wellbeing, relief and performance.

CBD In A Few Words

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a molecule extracted from hemp which is a part of the cannabinoid family. CBD can have many benefits but unlike THC it will not make you high. We use a broad spectrum extraction technique that allows us to harness all the goodness of the Hemp plant.

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How can CBD help me?

Educating yourself is key when wanting to explore the benefits of CBD. Finding reliable resources can be often overwhelming. 

Simply put, Ora CBD is blended with MCT oil (coconut oil) which has its own array of benefits but in particular helps deliver the CBD into your body. This increases the absorption rate so that no unnecessary valuable CBD is wasted.

Once absorbed CBD can help strengthen your body’s natural response to pain, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.

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0% Room For Error

Your confidence is important to us so we go above what is required from our industry by carrying out a rigorous quality control regiment. This finishes with an independent Laboratory test to ensure nothing was missed. 

We guarantee 0% THC for all our CBD products and the purity of CBD for each product as stated on the label. 

For increased transparency and trust we make all batch test results accessible to everyone – in particular our community who can match their individual batch number to their batch test results of their product.

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