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As a good friend of mine Sione Lauaki would say,

« Tough times don’t last, tough people, do »

sione lauaki

And I’ve had my fair share of tough times.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for those tough times and struggles in my life.

Strength and growth only come through effort and struggles. 

2012 was the turning point in my rugby career but if we go back one year earlier, the 2011 season had to be one of the toughest moments in my career. Most of my early All Black career I was in and out of the team but in 2011 I had finally Cemented a place in the squad and with a home World Cup, it was a very exciting year. On the eve of the Rugby World Cup team announcement, I missed selection. I was devastated. I have had many disappointments before but this one was hard to take on the chin.

My dad would always say that “everything happens for a reason and you have to trust that there are bigger and better things for you if you work hard and trust Your process”. 

I had a big opportunity to go overseas but something in my gut was telling me to stay and fight it out, and the person that I am knew I had to stay and fight it out.

After the disappointment I got straight back into what I love, playing rugby. I surrounded myself with good people with the same mindset as me, and we went to work. In 2012 we had a new coaching team at the Chiefs and they challenged me about my game and what I needed to change to get back that black jersey. Firstly, I needed to understand what they wanted from me, and if I was willing to do that. I needed to get a better understanding of what it meant to be a number 6 and have a physical presence about myself. 

Every day I went out there to earn respect from my teammates and coaches through my effort and attitude. I would visualize my road map to success every day and I would stick to it.  My support people shared parts of the journey with me which held me accountable to it.

With this new mindset and a better understanding, four years later I had earned my selection for the 2015 Rugby World Cup for NZ. I still went through tough times and struggles but with a Stronger Mindset and a Strong System, I felt I was able to get through anything and always keep going.

Liam Messam, co-founder of ORA CBD

Success System of Liam Messam

  • Decide what you want and go for it. 
  • Acknowledge your flaws/faults/weaknesses
  • Surround yourself with people who can help you work on them
  • Create a picture of your ideal, and a rough road map to get there with the help of your support team 
  • Wake up and action your plan EVERY SINGLE DAY 
  • Consistency is your biggest ally