Spirit of Ora

Built on a foundation of giving back. We measure our success by how many people we can help. Only standing by products and values we pass on from personal experiences of what we know to work. With a strong focus on natural, organic and eco friendly processes.

Sport as a common vector

We had the chance and the pleasure to be able to grow through challenging high pressure sporting environments, and to be confronted with situations of failure and success. These similar experiences were part of what forged the strong connections within the Ora Team.



Our products are laboratory tested to guarantee the stated dosage. We use a broad spectrum technique that separates all psychoactive properties and we independently test all of our products to ensure 0% THC levels.

We want to offer the safest products for top athletes and for everyday life.

We have a team of experts who allow us to develop safe and innovative solutions for you, with an R&D department working to design a natural future.


friends & business partnerS

The ORA team was built around trust, experience and common values. Among these values, giving back, family and friendship are essential. Staying connected despite the distance is always a challenge but one we make an effort towards everyday.