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Our CBD oil is the best on the market for CBD to perform the best in your body, do you know why?


CBD (cannabidiol) is a molecule extracted from hemp which is part of the cannabinoid family. It is active like THC but without the psychotropic (high) effects.


How CBD effects your body’s system

Ora CBD will naturally optimize the body’s response to pain, anxieties, sleep disturbances and stress.

CBD will act on your neurotransmitters (especially CB1 and CB2) to optimize and activate the areas of weakness we have developed in our body. Ora CBD will help our body respond naturally to pain, stress and anxiety.

Ora CBD is blended with MCT oil (coconut oil). We chose MCT oil because it offers the best bioavailability for the CB1 and CB2 neuro-receptors. This makes our CBD perform the best for your body.

ORA CBD, 3 versions


In order to guarantee the true quality and the stated dosage of our CBD, our products are rigorously analyzed in Europe’s leading laboratories. There is a team of experts who ensure, with each production, the quality of our CBD products and pass on to us the laboratory results, which we have chosen to share with you:

Lab result –  CBD 20% – 15ml ( #ORA23 )

Lab result –  CBD 15% – 15ml ( # batch mars 2021)

Lab result –  CBD 10% – 15ml ( #batch mars 2021)

Lab test result – CBD 5%

Lab test result – CBD 10%

Lab test result – CBD 20%

Lab test result –  CBD 15% – 15ml

Lab test result –  CBD 10% – 15ml

Lab test result – CBD 20% – 15ml

Lab test result –  Softgel Curcumin

Lab test result Softgel Melatonin



The recognized positive effects of CBD are numerous for:





Stress & anxiety

But also, dermatological care (eczema, psoriasis), cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, rheumatoid osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia.

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