CBD ORA 100% Naturel

0% THC


Optimal composition

Laboratory tested

CBD ORA 100% Naturel

100% Organic

Dropper + Softgel
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– meaning –

ORA originates from Māori culture of New Zealand. It means life, health and vitality. When used as an action word it speaks – to be alive, to be well, to be recovered.

lab tested

All of our products are tested by an independent laboratory. You will find on each product the production batch number, this number can be directly matched to its own individual laboratory test results published on our website. Traceability and monitoring are a priority for us in order to offer you the best possible products on the market.

ORA CBD, three versions


Whether you are athletic or conscious of your wellbeing, CBD oil has many benefits for overall health and acute symptoms…

Discover our community

Much more than a CBD brand, with ORA, we bring you as much value as possible by highlighting and sharing stories of success within our community. Success systems that if applied may continue to aid the positive steps you are taking by using our products and immersing yourself into our positive community. 

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