Heidi Karell

Heidi – Yoga teacher

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. A. Einstein. “


Heidi Karell is an advanced ashtanga yoga practitioner. Originally from Finland she started yoga early 2000 in Helsinki. She was practicing on and off before she established her 5-6 times a week yoga discipline in 2013. 

She has a background in marketing and is also a graduate gemologist.

Having lived in many places and countries (Tokyo, London, Beirut, Miami to name a few) she has had the chance to study under the guidance of many wonderful teachers but the greatest teacher for her remains the practice itself.

She is currently practicing and teaching in Paris where she lives with her Lebanese partner and their kids. 


1) Wellness is a choice and a way of living for me. It’s the ability of choosing the best options for my mind and body in every situation.


2) Besides my daily yoga practice I like to cultivate gratitude, I try to keep things simple and avoid all the unnecessary stress in my life. My late grandfather who was 99 when he passed gave me a great piece of advice, he said: “I never fight with myself.” 


I like my food items and cosmetics clean, non-toxic and organic, I want to optimize my energy with right nutrition: I love my home-made green juices and smoothies, I appreciate my sleep and try to have minimum of 7-8hrs per night. Since I live in an urban environment I value my time in the nature. Nothing better than hiking and camping out in the wild. I love to hate cold showers (I do love how I feel afterwards), I do intermittent fasting and take some supplements, including ORA CBD oil which is my new favorite.

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