Ben Botica

Rugbyman Professionnel – UBB

“Do what makes you happy with the people that make you happy “

Professional Teams : North harbour (NZ), Perigueux (Prod2), Harlequins (UK), Montpelier (Top14), Oyonnax (Top14/prod2), Bordeaux (Top14) 


Awards : 2017/2018 player of the year .

My driving force :

The love of the game , it’s something that I have been around and a part of my entire life . Unbelievably fortunate to be able to say it’s my job when I don’t see it as that . Becoming older with time I have learnt to appreciate everything that rugby has blessed me with and for that forever grateful to the game . 


Wellbeing recovery:

It’s something that I did not take seriously as a young player. Doing back to back performances didn’t seem to take a physical toll. But with age came longer recovery times. Prehabilitation routines like physiotherapy became key, stretching, foam rolling and massages are all small actions that add up at the end of the day. Cryotherapy is also a good tool I use alongside saunas and cold/hot baths. Supplement wise the list is small but specific with Ora-cbd featuring without fail  every evening before bed . 


Outside footy

I have a passion for 

  • everything music especially guitar, I was brought up around my grandfather who played Māori waiatas (songs) every chance he could get. 
  • Water sports and snowboarding
  •  being active is big for me to not think about rugby sometimes  
  • Can’t go wrong with a fast car .

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